Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 6/e

Author: Malamed
Edition: 6th
ISBN: 9788131233429
Language: English
Published: 2012
Publisher: Elsevier India

Dr. Stanley F. Malamed's Handbook of Local Anesthesia, published by Elsevier India, is a comprehensive handbook that deals with the latest advances in science, pain control and instrumentation.

Handbook of Local Anesthesia



Enhance your skills in providing safe and effective local anesthesia! A practical, “how-to” guide to safe anesthesia practices in dentistry, the market-leading Handbook of Local Anesthesia, Sixth Edition covers the latest advances in science, instrumentation, and pain control. From basic concepts to specific injection techniques and more, this book provides in-depth, full-color coverage of key anesthesia topics, including safety hazards and errors in technique that may result in complications.

Key Features

Outstanding Features: • Videos on the companion DVD (sold separately) are narrated by author Dr. Stanley Malamed, and cover topics such as local anesthetic agents, injection techniques, and risk management. • NEW! A supplement to the DVD (sold separately) covers the local anesthetic “ON” and “OFF” switches, as well as the Computer-Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery (C-CLAD), which enables the administrator to deliver intraoral local anesthetics painlessly in all areas of the oral cavity, including the palate. • UPDATED step-by-step procedures cover current techniques for administering intraoral anesthesia. • UPDATED coverage of armamentarium describes the proper care and handling of today’s equipment. • Full-color photographs, line drawings, and summary tables are included throughout the book. • Comprehensive information on Articaine covers this increasingly popular local anesthetic. • Quick-reference information at the back of the book includes dosage charts, injection techniques, information on duration of action, and contraindications for local anesthetics. Prevent, recognize, and manage complications of anesthesia administration!